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You've stumbled upon my writing workshop, known as Études.


This began as a series for Instagram. A few years back I thought "Here's this stupefying mega-medium that's become ubiquitous, and yet drama is nowhere to be found!" It seemed cookoo. Then I imagined a moment where someone was scrolling on the streetcar looking at pics of brunches, ads, work parties, ads, gym selfies, ads, and then BAM! - they're suddenly experiencing a little drama-nugget that addresses them directly.


And while most insta-vids say "Look at me!", every Étude says "Look at you.".  

Étude no. 1
Étude no. 2
Étude no. 3
Étude no. 4
Étude no. 5
Étude no. 6
Étude no. 7
Étude no. 8
Étude no. 9
Étude no. 10
Étude no. 11
Étude no. 12
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